The Oakwood

Scope of Work New Construction
Location Los Angeles, CA
Completion Built, 2017

Located at the heart of Los Angeles, the Oakwood condominium offers 6 two-bed units and 12 three-bed units and 1 subterranean parking level. PQNK aimed to create a compelling architecture, because this mid-rise residential building can easily become a dull building. Striving to overcome this challenge, we interplayed façade materials and created social spaces.

Integrating the client’s need with our vision about the project, we designed the building to have both efficiency and quality through a rigorous thought-provoking process. While maximizing the use of allowed area for efficiency, each unit has its own balcony – some of them offer Hollywood Sign and the Downtown view. To provide quality par excellence, the building’s social spaces such as rear yard and a recreation room would help the residents to socially engage.