Riverside Carwash & Retail

Scope of Work New Construction
Location Riverside, CA
Completion Under Design


This project is a conglomeration of individually articulated retail buildings and a tastefully colored car wash that creates an inviting, vibrant development on the prominent street.

Rhythmic Play

The project has various heights and colors on the retail buildings which break up the redundant nature of the two identical buildings. This is articulately done with an exacting approach to choose a color scheme that incorporated our thorough study of exteriors that considered both commercial success and aesthetics.

Curb Appeal

The car wash building’s bold color on the exterior and curved roof appeals to passing traffic and its large glass wall is well exposed to the public, livening up the project. The curved roof along the car wash tunnel creates a strong visual element as well as a sleek design that encapsulates the project’s enthusiastic efforts to vitalize the development site. Each corner of the retail buildings has a tall tower structure that attracts viewers at the pedestrian level, and the vacuum canopies and the outdoor seating produce the same effect.