1200 Magnolia

Scope of Work New Construction
Location Los Angeles, CA
Completion Under Design

Located in Pico Union neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, the new contemporary-styled Magnolia multi-family apartments projects transform existing single-family homes into a total of 57-unit apartment complexes for all prospective residents, including low-income residents. In addition, both projects provide more residential units by using TOC Base incentives, which is an essential aspect that fulfills the current lack of housing units problems in Los Angeles.

The two separate 4-story apartments with subterranean parking are located on the same neighborhood block—both sitting on Magnolia Avenue. PQNK team has developed the design through multiple interplays between colors, materials, and depth to provide buildings with aesthetically pleasing looks and dynamic characters. In addition, both projects have community amenities consist of a recreation room on the ground level and a rear yard to improve the quality of social interactions among residents.

The 1200 Magnolia is a 21-unit apartment located at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and 12th Street. In the initial design process, we wanted the building to engage with the site by having a strong corner look from the pedestrian eye level. To achieve this goal, the main entrance of the buildings is visually highlighted with deliberately chosen materials to indicate the entry’s location from the outside. Additionally, the building’s prominent corner is highlighted by wrapping around the corner with bright-colored balcony contrast with the darker color.