Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Memorial

Scope of Work Renovation
Location Riverside, CA
Completion Unbuilt

Ahn Chang Ho was a Korean independence activist who focused educational reform and modernizing schools. He tried to mobilize Korean diaspora to educate and raise money for Korean independence movement. Dosan – Ahn Chang Ho’s pen name – was one of the early leaders of Korean-American immigrant community in the United States.

The memorial charts Dosan’s travel destination. Dosan’s travels to five different countries are organized on five rings that radiate outward from the center; these countries include Korea, Japan, USA, China and Russia. His travels are organized chronologically moving counter-clockwise until his death in Korea in during his return 1978. Each line represents a specific time period and the extent of the line, which circle it intersects, represents the country to which he traveled. The outer points of each ray are collected to create a faceted geometry. An organic loop was then imbued inside the polygonal shape to generate a shape that specifically tells the story of Dosan’s travels. Finally, the organic loop is given spatial and formal qualities to allow it take physical shape that is a visual urban sculpture and an installation for Riverside’s Main street pocket park while being informative of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho’s venture.