Bank of Hope

Scope of Work Tenant Improvement
Location Oakland, Irvine, CA
Completion Built

The Bank of Hope, created by a merger of two major banks, is one of the largest regional banks in the United States. We coordinated with interior designers and the client to effectively apply an architectural realization of the new brand image. We sought to design based on the client’s core value: integrity. The use of mirror, glass, and light box was one of our design strategies to represent integrity. Additionally, the color accent from the Bank of Hope’s new logo was implemented in various aspects of the design.

Because the Bank of Hope targets a broad range of groups, we chose furniture, lighting, texture, and color through rigorous research. The result is a finesse that provides excellent satisfaction to a gamut of business targets. Fresh, contemporary design combined with several classic elements represents the bank’s stability as well as its history and future. We created a friendly interior in order to accommodate personal customers who prefer coziness and comfort over an authoritarian atmosphere. As always, PQNK strives to provide excellent services to clients with prudent decisions and integrating client philosophy with quality design.