Products: Fiberglass Window Frames

Of all the window frame options available on the market today, Fiberglass frames are one of the basics on the various frame types. While aluminum windows have been available for a long time, Fiberglass windows are relatively new to the market and not many clients know much about it. As a full-service architectural firm and we always encourage ourselves to explore new products, PQNK invites a wide range of manufacturer representatives and learns new products through lunch & learn sessions. 
The fiberglass window frame is one of the topics that we would like to share with our current and future clients as it allows architects to overcome some difficulties in which typical vinyl windows are not able to achieve in terms of appearance, maintenance, and energy efficiency. With proper installation, fiberglass is a great material to meet various design solutions.
Durable Fiberglass: Interlocked fiberglass composite

Image Sources: Pella