An Updated News of the TOC Ordinance
Los Angeles In a Good Light, Ron Reiring


PQNK has continuously received many TOC projects. And we expect this will continue this year as well.

However, a new rule on the TOC ordinance is coming from CRA/LA as they released a memo asserting their superseding density limit regulations over the TOC. The Department of City Planning has agreed slightly by asking future projects “to work collaboratively with the CRA/LA on this topic.”

As of now, the affected areas from this rule are the following: City Center, Central Industrial, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Wilshire Center/Koreatown, and Pacific Corridor.

So we advise consulting with us regarding any future projects within these areas and keeping yourself updated by following our feeds for further updates.


For details, please see the links below, or ask us for further discussion.

Urbanize.LA – CRA/LA Redevelopment Plans Put a Damper on TOC Developments