Curson House

Scope of Work New Construction
Location Los Angeles, CA
Completion Built, 2012

Curson House is situated on a steep slope of Hollywood Hills with refreshing breezes and a grand view. A quiet area surrounded by nature, residents of the Curson House can appreciate the beauty of nature and Los Angeles. The house is vertically organized by four levels with a round central staircase and elevator responding to the topography. Each level contains unique features and as you move up from entry to upstairs, different spaces continuously unfold: The first floor opens with the entry and a wine-room while the second floor has two bedrooms with corner views and a study in the middle. The most open space is the third floor with a spacious exterior deck which extends from the living room and dining room through folding doors. On the deck, you experience one great space with a panoramic city view. The final destination of the top floor is designed for the private master suite. Accessible from the master suite, a private backyard surrounded by high retaining walls provides a quiet, hidden outdoor space to enjoy the prime location.