318 45th Street Apartments

Scope of Work New Construction
Location Los Angeles, CA
Completion Under Design

PQNK designed a new construction of a 100% affordable 5-story multi-family apartment building in South Park, Los Angeles. The 41-unit building is situated on the 45th street with a ground level parking and four story residential building above. The building plays an important role in the city by offering affordable housing, but also providing recreational rooms on two floors with an outdoor space on the third floor. Situated alongside the 45th street, the design sought to use the front elevation to give the building character. Through multiple interplay between materials, colors, and depth, the building achieves a dynamic facade.

Although nearby buildings are similar in volume, this building has a unique massing. The rooftop deck on the third floor is caused by a setback regulation by building code standards, and has utilized a central courtyard system to merge the two open spaces. While most courtyards found in multi-family apartments fully surrounded by the building mass, PQNK designed this courtyard to merge with the rooftop deck on the third floor, nullifying any sense of mitigation. Through this combination the building offers a unique sense of vast open space for the residents.