Whittier Retail Center

Scope of Work New Construction
Location Los Angeles, CA
Completion Unbuilt

The Whittier Retail Center is a unique project for the lot shape and proposed use. Located in the industrial area outside of Downtown Los Angeles, the triangular corner lot used to be a parking lot for industrial equipment. To revitalize the economically declined area, we designed a multifunctional complex for local, driver, and commuter altogether. The batting cage serves as an after-work entertainment for locality; the commercial buildings serve a number of driving passengers of Whittier Boulevard and Freeway enterers.

PQNK made use of designing the office building that administrates the whole complex. While the batting cage and the commercial building did not have much room for us to play with design, the office building had an interesting architectural potential. We designed the office to merge well with the batting cage and speak well about the characteristics of the area and the triangular lot.