The Santa Fe LA

Scope of Work Conversion
Location Los Angeles, CA
Completion Unbuilt

Architects’ Statement

– The Revitalized Warehouse: The Santa Fe LA

Located at the southern end of the Arts District, the revitalization of the old warehouse would further extend the ongoing urban transformation of Downtown Los Angeles. This project focuses on how we can animate the old warehouse to reinvigorate the surrounding neighborhood to create a new destination for creative and unique experiences of dining, shopping, entertainment and live/work.

For the exterior façade design, we looked into the surrounding buildings and urban characteristics while considering the functionality of diverse program. First, we made bold outlook of façade at Olympic Blvd and Santa Fe Ave as these were the most prominent views. The corner façade is reborn as the old, incoherent building facades are covered by a unique skin.

Second, where the building meets the alley on the western side, we made a pedestrian-friendly design by using comfortable arched openings, a warm brick finish and a living green wall on the exterior. Third, the live/work program is located on Porter Street to provide more privacy. The living/working building maintains continuity of the exterior design but slight differences of material and texture differentiate the space from the commercial program. However, the highlight of The Santa Fe LA resides in the interior: the food hall and the courtyard. The spacious food hall catches natural light that shines through the skylight while people can enjoy natural daylight and the breezy outdoors in the courtyard which is an unexpected scene from the streets.