Kang Residence

Scope of Work New Construction
Location Brea, CA
Completion Built, 2016

PQNK had a wonderful opportunity to redesign an existing house in Brea, California, for a family. The house used to have low ceilings and a Spanish floor layout, in which all of the programs are partitioned by walls which caused a cramping effect on the overall experience for the residents.

In this project, knowing the limited conditions due to the project scope being remodeling and addition, we sought to accommodate the client’s need as much as we could. The client specifically requested many rooms for their four children. The client also wanted sufficient privacy for each family member while having a family gathering space.

With open floor plan equipped with the custom furniture in various spaces, the living space serves as a library, a dining, and a living space, where the entire family can gather, study and eat simultaneously. This fitted built-in furniture provides spacious storage for shoes, kitchen equipment, books, and clothes. Because the most rooms now have higher ceilings and deeper hallway, we designed the hallway to have a skylight, lightening up the whole space. To fully utilize the existing vast lawn area and swimming pool in the backyard, we added a deck and building, which greatly enlarge the interactive use of recreational space.