5800 S Central Ave Office Construction Site Log

Category Construction Update
Location Los Angeles, California

Over hundred years old furniture wholesale warehouse in South Los Angeles will be converted into a 24,271 sq. ft. new office space for a non-profit organization that provides community-based solutions to social and economic issues.

The team’s main scope of work was giving it a completely new look from the outside by remodeling exterior finishes and replacing openings and providing a creative working environment inside the office by demolishing existing walls and mezzanines and placing new interior walls and stairs.

The biggest challenge was unifying segmented spaces inside to provide spacious and flexible office spaces that meet the current codes and new user’s needs. Also, considering the building’s age, reinforcement of the existing structural elements was inevitable, so the team and engineers’ harmonious collaboration played a key role in accomplishing the goal.

We believe this carefully refurbished office space will become the optimum and flexible working environment for the building’s tenant.