377 S Central Ave

Scope of Work New Construction
Location Los Angeles, CA
Completion Under Design

The project is located in LA’s Warehouse District in which architectural opportunities are often overlooked and the developmental market only focuses on efficiency. This neighborhood connects the various parts of Downtown Los Angeles: Little Tokyo, Skid Row, Fashion District, Arts District, and the historic core. Though the number of pedestrians and vehicles are rapidly increasing, the neighborhood has lacked attentive, responsive architecture that attracts and utilizes its surroundings.

While PQNK focused on creating a bright, open office space for the users, we also paid attention to the revitalization of the area. Material-wise, the building’s first floor is transparent compared to the upper floor that appears defensive. Considering the homeless population, it is a paradoxical situation; however, this situation, combined with interesting design, boldly states the evolving, promising developmental market of the Warehouse District. The concave cut of the corner lot on the second floor offers a sweeping view and the Prismatic-tiled curved wall changes colors based on the perspective at any given viewpoint. In doing so, we provide natural light and open air to users while displaying a strong, fresh impression to passing traffic.